Time is the new age dimension



The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. – Albert Einstein 

Really well said and may be the same “time” is what making everything happen on this very planet.  Over the time things have evolved so much in the way people learn and teach or share skills. The major evolution was  the transformation of hand written content on black board in a physical classroom to a Power point presentation in a virtual classroom. Yes, time has helped everything to transform for a better and efficient process. The more time we save is no less than more resources we save and more time to do more.

The same time has taught us the needs to be served in learning and teaching process for the current generation nearly an year ago. Over the ages there has been a great bonding between a teacher and a learner, a teacher has always been a source of knowledge, wisdom and spirit for many of us and the same assets are carried out to future generations through the teacher turned learners.

We have been thinking on the numerous ways of saving time for a leaner and a teacher and enabling the duo to do more. In these days the usage of digitized or online teaching has grown vast and opened the doors for more people to learn more.

What we believe is out of all the methods the efficient way to transfer knowledge is a one to one learning system where a single teacher teaches a single student, which brings out the maximum attention towards each other. Thus we decided to build a perfect learning and teaching platform that can be used by everyone with  basic computer skills.

Keep watching this space for more updates.



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