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Do you know that most of the successful people in the world are vivid readers and book lovers? It is true ,also obviously they have practiced and implemented the ways to read faster and faster so that they can cover the most in short time. These 9 tips will help you to grow your love for reading and gain more wisdom.

1. Choose Perfect reading location

For any reader distraction is the biggest hurdle to keep on. Try to sit in an idle place where no noise comes in and in case noise is unavoidable plugin your earphones playing some smooth music. Also, in case you own a pet try to stay away or lock your door from your pet while reading. Be aware that a mobile phone is also a biggest distraction.

2. Listening Smooth Music

Listening to smooth music with earphone plugged in will also help you stay not distracted from the world. Listening to a clean white noise will keep you extreme focused on reading.

3. Try Audiobook

Many people get less time to read due to long hours of commuting so an audio book can help you in this case, you can load the audio book into your smart phone or music player and carry as many books you can with you.

4. Switching between genres

If you love reading only specific genres all the time then this tip would not apply for you, else you can try switching between genres of books you read one after the other. This will imbibe some freshness in reading and avoid getting bored. For example, you can try a nice comic after a horror genre.

5. Always carry a book with you

You never know when you get free time as you may wait for someone or something to travel, carrying the book you are reading along with you will help saving a good amount of time. Keep reading when ever you have to wait at a Train station, airport or waiting at an office to meet someone.

6. Have your next book ready

In order to keep going your reading marathon always have your next book planned and ready. Take few minutes and plan for your next book so that you may not have to waste time after you complete currently reading book.

7. Learn to speed read

Always try to improve you reading pace, you can set your pace faster than you can understand. Chewing a gum while reading will help you picking up pace as it will prevent you talking to yourself while reading.

8. Read in Intervals

Some people though having a desire to read more they tend to fall asleep while reading. If you fall in this category try giving intervals frequently or try to take a short break when ever you feel sleepy. you can always listen to good music or play short games during those break to keep you up. A 5-10 minutes break for every 20-30 minutes would help you a lot.

9. Food habits

Your food and drinking habits also impact your reading for longer time. Unless you really need, do not start reading with a caffeinated beverage or do not take in that will have a huge amounts of sugar.

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