These 6 signs show you are a good leader


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Leadership always comes with different shapes and sizes, a definite cause will bring out the true leader in you. Did you ever think you can show your group a better path but felt not enough contained to lead. Here are the 6 traits that would show you are a good leader.


1. Work on a cause

True leader always commit to the cause rather than concentrating on self promotion. Taking up causes for self benefit will damage the morale in the team.

2. Speaking Out

Are you the voice of your team? Did you ever stand up and speak up against any injustice that you witnessed? Great leaders always stand up for the  right thing. Deciding to speak on what is right without fear is a main trait of any leader

3. Breaking rules

Leaders often tend to break the rules, the rules that are preventing them from thinking out of box and implement something good for people around.

4. Smiling always

Do you often smile even in a difficult situation? A true leader always try to bring smile on people around him/her even in tough times by maintaining  professional composure and  bringing the situation under control.

5. Good Listener and learner

A natural quality among all the leaders is they are good listeners and learners. A good listener is also a good speaker always trying to acquire more and more knowledge. They learn from their failures but never give up and depressed.

6. Open minded

When was the last time you were angry on your critics? A leader turns the criticism into a positive energy but never drawn in to a quarrel with critics. This state of open mind will make leaders more stronger and distinguish between the right and wrong.

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