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What is Self Closing Tag?

Self-closing tags are opening tags that don’t have a corresponding closing tag but instead close themselves with a forward slash before the right angle bracket. If you look at this tag to insert an image, you’ll see that it has the / which typically denotes closing a tag inside the opening tag. Example:


What are Opening and Closing Tags?

Opening and closing tags are sets of angle brackets with an HTML element character(s) that contains a piece of content or part of the structure for a web page Example of opening tag: Example of closing tag:


What are Attributes?

Attributes are used to provide additional information about HTML elements. For example an HTML element like a paragraph can have an attribute of being aligned (left, center, or right). Attributes are included in the opening tag and made up of the attribute name, an equal sign, and a value in double quotes. Example: This is […]


What are Structural Elements?

Structural elements are the HTML elements used to organize the content of a web page. Structural elements like and are used to group block level and inline content together, respectively, while contains the header content of a page, contains the footer content, etc.


What are Semantic Elements?

Semantic elements are HTML elements that provide information to the web browser processing the page as well as the developer building it. While non-semantic elements like and don’t describe their content, semantic elements like , , and define their content in their name.

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