What is Software?

Software is a program or set of instructions that tells a computer, phone, or tablet what to do. Software includes individual applications (web browsers, word processors) as well as system software like operating systems (Microsoft Windows), drivers (software that allows operating systems to communicate with hardware like printers), and utilities (tools like anti-virus programs or […]


What is Object Oriented Programming?

Object-oriented programming is a type of computer programming/software design that focuses on the creation of objects that have specific and unique attributes and abilities. In OOP, computer programs are made up of these created objects that then interact with one another. This is in contrast to earlier programming languages that focus more on the process […]


What are Frameworks?

Frameworks are collection of programs and components commonly used in software development. Rather than spending time seeking out each of these components separately, developers can take advantage of frameworks where they are collected in one place. Examples of frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and Joomla.


What is DevOps?

Devops is a software development process that focuses on helping development, operations, and quality teams understand each other and collaborate better. By unifying these three separate departments, Devops teams aim for shorter development cycles and more dependable software releases.


What are Bugs?

Bugs are coding mistakes or unwanted pieces of code that keep a website or program from working properly.

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