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Not always what you want to convey reaches to the audience as you want it to. The perspectives, the interests, the thoughts, the mindsets are different for different persons.


Presenting something before an audience, no matter how small or big it maybe is a technique, a technique to involve the person in your way of the world. Your presentation could be any type and through any medium, whether it is online or offline, written or spoken, in a webinar or in a seminar, it requires similar skills to get the desired response and feedback. Here are 10 tips to become a great presenter before a large audience.


1. Research your audience


Conveying thoughts online or offline does not just need to be prepared with good content what if your good content does not reach to the audience effectively. For that not to happen one should study about their audience first, the age group, culture, demographics, habitat, sentiments, and most importantly their area of interest.



2. Know the worth


One should always be clear about the purpose of the presentation. Why one is conducting it? How will it help the other person listening or reading to it? Does it solve some issue or it is for entertainment purpose? The more the questions the more one will get answers to make it better.



3. Cut the crap


The person should always understand the difference between useful data and overdose of data. Most people make this mistake that they feel that puffing more data shall be liked but the fact of the matter is that only relevant information along with creative ways to interact and involve the audience is effective. Hence, feel free to edit and make it precise.



4. Use visuals and examples


Try to use as much as examples when speaking in front of audience and visuals when presenting it online or in a webinar. The examples and visuals are more persuasive than just plain information.



5. Initiate conversation


It is best when there is a comfort between the speaker and the receiver. You can gather their attention by constantly initiating some conversation with them and make them feel free and open to speak and put up questions so that the session stays interactive.



6. Be sure and confident


Before delivering your content to the public, be very sure and confident about your intention and purpose behind it. Once you know this is perfect, go for it without any hesitation and second thoughts. Your confidence will force the audience to listen or read your thoughts and views.



7. Instigate action


Be ready with your action plan. Explain the way your article or presentation or speech is helpful and how can they imply it to their personal lives. They should not go back empty handed and should know their motive after finished with the presentation.



8. Tell stories


It is an exceptional way to get the attention of the audience, no matter if they are interested in the topic or not you can always turn them towards you by sharing instances and stories relevant to the subject.



9. Invite feedback


Encourage the audience to contribute in your ideas as much as possible. Invite them for feedback and suggestions. Appreciate every small contribution that you gain and take the audience in confidence that their views are respected and appreciated.



10. Be on grounds


Remember people, it is great if you have ample amount of knowledge but always try to stick to the reality and honesty. In order to impress do not go too far with your words and thoughts. Your ideas should be relatable and trustable. Do not talk in the vacuum, support your data with examples and prove them that you are saying this only because you know this.



Being a presenter do not just need mugging up; the person should be terrific in handling, conveying as well as understanding the needs and requirement of the receiver. The tips and tricks mentioned above will definitely help in making your content powerful and influential. Try it the next time you have to face the masses.



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