8 Signs To Say That You Are A Good Teacher


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Every student always has a mind-made good book and a bad book in which he keeps his teachers according to their performance or specifically their behavior with them. The rankings might change, shuffle, or drop down by the time but the memories stay in the head forever. Some teachers are remembered for their extra leniency, some for extra strictness, some for their good looks and apparently some for their weird looks, some for bringing you up, and some for always letting you down. But in the end, we remember all of them for what they were to us.


Not to forget: one book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world. For becoming that one teacher who can change the world or maybe just one student’s world, they need to attain certain characteristics, after all, teaching is a field and not everyone can excel in it with brilliance. Who makes a good teacher? Sarcastically, the one that doesn’t think that sleeping with kids is part of perks of the job. There are some more essential qualities that can say that you are a good teacher, have a look.



1. Friendly and genial


The very first thing which is important to teach no matter how small a lesson is is that the person should be friendly to the learner. A child’s first teacher is always his family because he is familiar with them and hence, he can trust them with whatever they teach and say. Similarly, a teacher should also be humble and more like a friend to the student so that he can be open to them.


2. A magnetic persona


A teacher is more attractive when he carries a charm with him, the personality which forces a student to admire you, follow you, and desire to be like you. The aura, with which you walk inside a room, should make a difference and stick the other person to perceive from you. Hence, the personality of the teacher is the biggest asset for the organization.


3. An epitome of knowledge and education


Teaching creates all other professions, so a teacher must have an immense amount of knowledge with certainly a good education. The teachers are role models to many; they have to be the best to bring out the best in their students. They must know the power to persuade and influence the student’s query.


4. A noteworthy communicator


Again an important quality is to be a powerful communicator. One must know the effect of what he conveys and how he conveys. It is not easy to leave an impact on each and every student at a time, for that one needs to be extremely good with words. A pupil is always willing to hear a good speaker and this will motivate you to give your 100%.


5. A patient listener


Speak in such a way that others love listening to you, and listen in such a way that other love to speak to you. Good listening is an art, the personality traits so many good qualities by just being a listener. He is a great leader, a great person, as well as he is open to learn and understand the speaker. Teachers shall make their students free to come and speak to them without any hesitation or fear. The communication has to be two way in order to be effective.


6. The sense of Humor


The only thing that can bind the student- teacher relationship more like a family is a shared sense of humor. A good teacher knows when to make the mood of the class light, and when it needs to be thick. 5 minutes of laughter in the class can make the class more productive and potent. And people here teachers particularly; become anyway more attractive when they are funny.


7. Tenderness and compassion


Teach like a pineapple Sir: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. It is very important to be humble after all you are life savers, not masters to train animals. You have to educate them not drill them to death. Choose your words wisely, be very patient, and always be kind to them so that they can rely on you for their problems and trust you.


8. Revolutionary


Students love to see the innovative side of the teacher, it’s fascinating for them to see that how their teacher reacts or judges a particular kind of situation, or how different he can be from the mainstream ideas. You have to be really creative and new-fangled with the smart generations.



Reading the above qualities, one must have realized that being a top-notch teacher isn’t that easy-breezy. One needs to eclipse in teaching to make the name in the field. It involves as much of an industrious job, as any other profession does. One has to be really in shape in order to shape the careers of his students. But all you have to do is believe in you, and never let yourself forget that you are doing this only because you love to do this.


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