8 body language tricks to make you more likable


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Your body language is the key factor for any successful discussion or business meeting. A major part of your communication consists of body language, so are you doing it right? Here are the 8 tricks to check on while speaking to someone and establish a proper communication.


1. Positive Posture

Make sure that you do not look uptight in your posture. Sitting straight but not rigid and aligning your body with the person’s you are talking to shows that you are much engaged in the conversation. Leaning a bit toward the other person indicates you are much interested to listen.

2. Relaxed arms and legs

Keep your arms and legs relaxed on your sides indicating that you are open for communication, crossed arms show that you are not open for discussion.

3. Nod appropriately

Your head nodding will show the way you are understanding, agreeing and listening to the what other person is speaking. A positive head nod will make others tend to communicate more as it shows your are very attentive towards them.

4. Genuine Smile

Human brain loves to see smile and it can spot a smiling face even from 800 feet distance. A good and timely smile on your face can bring any tensed situation under control. You can use your smile as a great tool to lighten up the mood and environment when talking to someone.

5. Hand Shake

A proper and firm handshake is the important aspect of body language. It throws first impression about you even before speaking a word. Make sure that you do not hold other person’s hand too firm and make them uncomfortable.

6. Eye Contact

Eye contact plays a crucial role in drawing other person’s attention. Managing an eye contact with the other person for at least 50-60% of the conversation time is a better way to connect. A simple trick to draw the attention is to look in to other person’s eyes long enough to notice what color they are.

7. Low Vocal Pitch

Do not appear too nervous by speaking in high pitch, people speaking in low pitch tend to be patient and calm while perceiving everything other person is speaking about. Your voice pitch is a deciding factor on how you deal with nervous situations.

8. Hand Movement

Scientifically your hand gestures are actually linked up with your brain, which can make you think more. Your hand movement can decide if you are humble of authoritative. For example, pointing our your index finger towards other person while speaking shows you are authoritative while pointing your palm upwards shows your humbleness and kind nature.
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