7 amazing tips for effective public speaking


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Fear to speak in public would hurt your professional and personal life. You might have felt the moment of shaking legs, sweating hands and trembling tone at one time or the other on stage. These 7 tips could help you over come and handle the fear of public speaking like a pro.


1. Admit your are Nervous

Turn your audience forgiving you for being nervous and this can happen by readily admitting to your audience that you are nervous. This may decrease the audience expectations on you and your speech may surprise them wih great impact.

2. Use Visual Aids

A nice trick to turn your audience eyes away from you is to use visual aids like a good power point presentation, this will help you reduce the nervous feeling that all eyes are on you.

3. Eye contact with One person at a time

Make an impression that you are looking into eyes of each of audience, maintaining eye contact with one person at a time establishes a personal connection with each of the audience. A traditional way to cover the entire audience is to follow the pattern of “M” or “W” while making an eye contact.

4. Include fun

Make your speech a fun filled act if possible. Including timely funny phrases or funny acts will make audience all ears for your speech and boost the audience involvement and excitement.

5. Breath before you speak

A good amount if deep breathing and little exercise will help your brain get more oxygen and makes you think much clearer, which in turn help you handle any situation on stage wisely.

6. Stop talking right away

Take few seconds of silence before you start speaking and this will help you start with good and prepared tone, also you can get a good view of your audience in those few seconds and do any analysis in your mind. Talking right away after taking  up the stage may lead to talking too fast and tripping over some words.

7. Focus on supporters

Your audience may always have a divided opinion on what you speak about. Best advice is to ignore the people nodding their head or saying “no” unless you have something to answer and convince these people. Concentrate on audience on “yes” side because they are your supporters for that moment.

Hope these tips would help you become a good speaker, feel free to share this article and share you thoughts in comments below.



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