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Albert Einstein said, “Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”


If one takes it this way, each and every thing one wishes to learn in life will become a period in which he experienced some part of his life. There are numerous things a human learns daily and even more things he thinks of learning daily. One such thing is learning any language.



There are currently 6909 living languages in this world, out of which 6% of them have millions of speakers each. Who would really want to live with just knowing one language out of 6909 languages? Does it sound like a shame? Well, it is no more that difficult that we think it is. We have this notion that learning a language may take years and hence we never want to give it a try and those who try to leave it halfway. But there are tricks and tips for this too, look at the following 10 tips that will help you learn any language faster.

1. Commitment is the priority

If you have decided to learn languages then just stick to it. Commit to yourself that no matter what it takes I won’t leave it in between. It is nearly impossible to learn any language easily if you take it too casually and do not pay attention to it. Commitment is what will transform your promise to learn a language into reality.


2. Make a learning buddy

A wise man once said, “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn.
The quoted words clearly define the importance of a partner to learn. It makes it easy when you have somebody to guide, or just probably practice with you. You can be fearless before them and make mistakes easily. When you are involved with somebody on an action, you always learn the best of it.


3. Use it and practice

Do not just learn it for the heck of it and then keep it somewhere in the back of mind. Keep using it, trying it, murmuring it so that it becomes a habit. Take out minimum 15 minutes of your day to regularly practice it.


4. Do not forget the purpose

It is very important to keep reminding yourself the motive behind learning it. The core motive could be anything but surely one is to be able to communicate to people in that language. No one learns a language to keep it to him. So, for that one needs to try communicating in whatever you have learned till then. Try watching movies and videos in those languages, and talk to natives.


5. No fear when technology is there

Nowadays, technology can be your best partner cum friend. There are lots of applications that have fun games and exercise to help you learn better. You can listen, pronounce and speak by learning through it.


6. Basic first

Do not go too hard on yourself in order to learn the language real quick. People sometimes jump the basic and try to learn the sentences and words directly. It will not help you and also be mugging up will make you weak in the language later. So, first learn the basic, core vocabulary of the language and then go any further.


7. Talk to yourself.

There is no better exercise than talking to you to learn. Look into the mirror and practice words and sentences, communicate to yourself and you will feel the difference. You will become more confident using it to other people. You can try fooling your friends by talking over a phone in the new language. It is fun plus then you practice.


8. Watch and learn.

Every language has its own accent, pronunciation, and its own sound. To learn it better watch people talk in that language, and how they produce a sound of a particular word. Try to imitate the way they moved their mouth and produce a similar sound. It will help you in your communication.


9. Stay connected to the dictionary.

While you are in the learning phase, you will constantly come across various such words, phrases that would instantly hit you and give you urge to know the meaning of it. For such situations, staying in touch with the dictionary is the best option. You can keep it in your phone for convenience so that whenever you are in between of a conversation and become short of words, you can always help yourself.


10. Play with the language.

The effectiveness of learning a language can only be seen when you become friendly to the language and do not hesitate to use it. Make mistakes because it is obvious since you are a learner but do not give up in the fear of making mistakes. Have fun with the language; try out different ways and areas where you can use it. Write letters, make imaginary situations in that language. Keep doing something or the other to keep connected to it and thus improve it with time.


The above tips and tricks are really useful if one follows it sincerely. Do not let yourself compromise with the less of what you have committed. Stick to your goal, and certainly, you will achieve it.


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